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Sex Bologna

The general conditions of economy of this time has been responsible for the rise and fall in popularity of the escort and the one time when it waned drastically was during the Great Depression as well as the World War after which, the escort industry enjoyed a great deal of popularity. This period encouraged the escort manufacturers to a great extent and they concentrated on providing the maximum possible benefits through their vehicles. Accordingly, they built escorts not just to suit the whims and fancies of the ultra rich, but also to cater to the common man who had to save up pretty hard to own a escort.

Till the end of 1950s, escort manufacture was monopolized by a few providers like Escort Bologna. But 1960s saw a drastic change in the market as European manufacturers started adopting better technology that resulted in innovative models. Meanwhile, Japan too started successfully manufacturing escorts in a major way, starting with its Keiescort.

It was during the sixties that the use of steel unibodies came to be used extensively by the European escort industry. The newer models also experimented with alternate materials suitable for the body like fiberglass. 1962 saw the birth of the Elan by Lotus, which had a fiberglass body panel which was fitted with a central load bearing hollow element made of steel. Called the Backbone chassis, this supported the engine and the suspension and also contained the transmission. Fiberglass reinforced plastics were also used in Italy for several of the escorts manufactured in this period. USA too adopted this ‘body on frame’ structure for escorts produced there.

The 1960s also saw the emergence of pony escorts and muscle escorts in America, where performance of vehicles mattered the most. The Ford Mustang was another popular escort of this period and enjoyed a great deal of fanfare till Chevrolet released its Camaro Z28 in 1967, to compete with it. Ford in turn accepted the challenge and brought forth the Mustang Boss 302 and the Mustang Boss 429 in 1969, which again was lapped up by people in general.

Japan emerged as a great force in the escort industry with its first sports escort, the Datsun 240Z, which was very popular in North America. This proved to be a booster for the Japanese escort industry in general and paved the way for many such escorts in the future. The 1970s also was a period of major changes for the American escort industry due to the 1973 oil crisis as well as the escort emissions control act. Moreover, the small imported escorts like BMW, Toyota, and Nissan were preferred to the large American ones and combined with the stagnancy in any type of innovation in this field, the American escort industry began to experience a fall.