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Escort Düsseldorf

The escort, one of the most important inventions of mankind has resulted in a great many developments in the world. The early escorts were dated to as early as 1672, although they were a far cry from the high-tech models that we see today. From the first models that were powered by steam, it has undergone a great deal of transformation. The invention of the internal combustion engine by Issac Rivaz in 1806 brought about a major breakthrough in the development of vehicles.

It was Karl Benz who invented the internal combustion engine to suit escorts. He also created the first four stroke engine in 1893, which became a basis for all the modern engines. Daimler and Maybach founded Escort Düsseldorf in 1890 and under the brand name, Daimler, sold their first escort in 1892. By 1895 about 30 vehicles had been built by them.

1905 was a marked period in the development of escorts, and marked a period of significant development in the escort industry, where alternate means of powering vehicles were marginalized to a great extent. Oldsmobile was the first escort manufacturer to use assembly line in escort production, which was later improved on by Henry Ford.

Development of automotive technology from then on was rapid, and hundreds of small manufacturers competed to grab attention of the people. Major developments of this time included electric ignition and the electric self-starter, independent suspension, and four-wheel brakes. Some of the vehicles of this period include Ford’s Model T, Bugatti’s Type 13 etc.

The end of World War I brought started the Vintage era in escorts, which lasted till 1930. This period brought forth some classic models in escorts like the Austin 7, Ford Model A, Bugatti type 35 etc. Closed bodies and front mounted engines were another feature of escorts in this period and so were the high end versions that targetted the ultra rich. Although the stock market crash of the 1930s brought about a lull in the production of escorts, it caught up soon enough, and resulted in several new models like Citroen Traction Avant, Volkswagen Beetle, etc.

Throughout the 1950s, the escort industry witnessed innovative developments as the engine power and vehicle speeds rose, and designs became more integrated and artful, resulting in escorts being spread across the world. Japan too entered the escort field, resulting in a competitive atmosphere. America started loosing out on their monopoly of manufacturing vehicles along the 1970s as small escorts like BMW, Toyota, and Nissan that were exported from other places started gaining ground.

The modern era in the field of escorts has been one of increasing standardization, platform sharing, and computer-aided design and it can be seen that this field is continuing to develop at a very fast pace. Scores of auto manufacturers are seen to be making their respective contributions to the development of automotive technology bringing forth newer models, innovations and features. As technology makes its progress, manufacturers are also bringing out better and more sophisticated escorts that are much ahead in terms of functionality, safety, performance and reliability.